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Get on your knees

You know that's where you belong. The luxurious feeling of my spike heels grinding into your balls frees your spirit.

You will learn to Breathe

You like to Breathe, don't you? The more punishment you deserve, the longer I will keep your Breath. You will learn to take long deep breaths and hold them for longer than you've ever held them before. You're going to cherish the air, when you're in the room with me.

Your Tongue Up My Ass

I love the feel of your warm breath on my asshole. Having your tongue up my asshole brings me great pleasure. Lick my asshole and enjoy my ass cheeks draping over your face. I'm such a delicious delicacy for you.

Implements for going deep inside.

Let me see that AssPussy. I need to calculate what will fit in it. Hhhhhmmm, I'll start out with my smaller tool and work my way up to my Big Pulsing Cock. I can take it nice and gentle on you or I can slam my cock deep inside you!

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